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  一、打招呼 Greetings

  1、Welcome to Chongqing. 歡迎來到重慶

  2、We welcome you to China. 歡迎您來到中國

  3、Thank you for coming. 感謝您的光臨

  4、Welcome to take Chongqing light rail. 歡迎乘坐重慶輕軌

  5、Can I help you?我能為你服務嗎?


  6、Can I be your assistant?我可以幫你的忙嗎?

  7、May I help you?我能幫你嗎?

  8、What can I do for you? 我能為你做些什么呢?

  9、Have you been waited on?已經有人為你服務了嗎?

  10、Good morning (afternoon,evening). 早上(下午、晚上)好。11、How are you?你好嗎?

  12、It’s been a long time/Long time no see好久不見。

  13、It’s really nice to see you again.再次見到您真好!

  14、How do you do? I’m pleased to meet you.你好!很高興跟你見面。


  1、Don’t worry. 別著急。

  2、Sorry, I don’t know. 對不起,我不知道。

  3、Sorry,wait a moment. 對不起,請稍候。

  4、The ticket office it’s over there. 售票處在那邊。

  5、Where are you going? 您去哪里?

  What’s your destination, please.請問你去哪里?

  6、You can take light rail Line Two. 你可以乘輕軌2號線。

  7、It’s not far from here. 那兒離這里不遠。

  8、It’s takes you five minutes by foot. 步行要5分鐘。

  9、This way, please. 請這邊走。

  10、You can get tickets from the automats. 你可以在自動售票機買票。

  11、Three Yuan for each one. 三元一張。

  The fare is three yuan, please.票價是3元

  One way is three yuan.單程票3元

  12、Exchange your notes from those machines. 你可以從那些兌換機上兌換你的錢幣。

  13、It’s your ticket. 你的車票。

  14、I beg your pardon. 請你再說一遍。

  15、Show me your ticket, please. 請出示你的車票。

  16、One-way trip or round trip?單程還是往返?

  17、Sorry, but everything is taken.對不起,已經沒票了

  18、Your passport, please.請出示你的護照

  19、Here your ticket, sir.你的車票,先生

  20、I’m sorry, but you have to pay excess baggage charges.很抱歉,你必須支付行李超重的費用

  21、May I see your ticket?我能看你的車票嗎?

  22、Sir, we deal only with enquiries. You have to get your ticket at the booking officer先生,我們只回答詢問,您買票應在購票處買

  23、Get your tickets ready, please. I’ll check.檢票了,請準備好你的車票

  24、Sorry, but we don’t take foreign currency, RMB only, please.對不起,我們不收外幣,只收人民幣

  25、I apologize for the mistake.錢找錯了,真抱歉

  26、Here’s your change.你的找錢

  三、道別To Say Good-bye

  1、Good-bye. Please drop in again. 再見,歡迎再次光臨

  2、Good-bye, you are always welcome.再見,我們永遠歡迎你

  3、Have a nice trip.祝你旅行愉快

  4、Have a good day.祝你一天快樂

  5、Take care!保重

  6、Good luck.祝你好運

  7、see you.再會

  8、Good to see you/It’s been nice seeing you.很高興見到你

  四、致謝To Thank

  1、Thank you for your coming.謝謝你的光臨

  2、Thank you/Thanks.謝謝你/謝謝

  3、It’s very kind of you/I appreciate your kindness.謝謝你的好意

  4、Thanks a lot.多謝

  5、I really appreciate it.我真的感謝

  6、It was a great help.你幫了大忙

  7、Thank you for your trouble.謝謝,給你添麻煩了

  8、Thank you for your waiting.謝謝你,讓你久等了

  五、隨聲附和 To Echo


  2、I’ve got it. (I see.)我明白了

  3、Of course. 當然

  4、I think so.我想是的

  5、I am sure.我相信

  6、That’s good. 那很好呀

  7、You are right. 你說得很對

  8、So do I. 我也這么認為


  10、That’s it. 是的,正是如此

  11、That’s quite possible.很有可能

  12、I hope so.希望是這樣

  13、I quite agree with you.我有同感

  14、I’m afraid that’s impossible.恐怕那是不可能的

  15、That may be better. 那會更好

  16、Oh, I see. 哦,我懂了

  17、I hope so.希望是這樣

  18、Yes,please. 好的,請。

  六、要求重復 Asking for Repetition

  1、Pardon me. 對不起,你說什么?

  2、I beg your pardon.請你再說一遍

  3、Excuse me, what did you say?對不起,你說什么?

  4、I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you said.對不起,我沒聽懂

  5、What do you mean? 是什么意思呢?

  6、Please speak more slowly.請說慢點

  7、I can’t follow you.我沒聽懂


  1、Good morning. Anything I can do for you?早上好,能為你效勞嗎?

  2、Please wait a moment. Let me have a check.請稍候,我查一查

  3、There is a train from here to Yangjiaping every three minutes. 從這里到楊家坪的輕軌車每隔3分鐘一班

  4、Enjoy your trip.祝你旅途愉快

  5、Please put your luggage on the scales.請將你的行李放在秤上

  6、The excess weight is 5 kg.行李超重5公斤

  7、Excuse me, no smoking.對不起,這里不能吸煙

  8、Passengers are strictly forbidden to carry arms or explosive on board.乘客嚴禁攜帶武器和易爆物品

  9、Is there any contraband in it?邊有違禁品嗎?

  10、May I help you with your bag?我幫你拿包吧

  11、You look rather weak. Do you feel well?你看來很虛弱,不舒服嗎?

  12、Have a good rest and you’ll feel better.休息一會,你就會好些的

  13、Here is your water. You can take the pills.這是給你的水,你可以吃藥了

  14、 How are you feeling now?你現在的感覺怎么樣?

  15、Not at all, it’s my duty.別客氣,這是我的職責

  16、The toilet is in the rear of the platform.衛生間在站廳后面

  17、It takes about 28 minutes to drive from Jiaochangkou to Xinsanchun.從較場口到新三村要走28分鐘

  18、Be sure to take it with you when leaving the train.下車時請不要忘了帶走你的行李

  19、Are you sure your baggage is missing?你肯定你行李不見了嗎

  20、You can go to the Baggage Service and fill out a claim form.你可以到行李服務處,填寫認領單

  21、Open your luggage, please.請打開你的行李好嗎?

  22、Thank you. Here your ticket. Hope you’ll have a good journey.謝謝,這是你的票,祝你一路順風

  23、Yes, this is the right train.沒錯,是這趟車

  24、Now please step to the middle and don’t block the door.現在請往中間走走,不要堵在車門

  25、Two more stops, and you’ll get off.還有兩站地,你就要下車了

  26、You have to get off at Yangjiaping.你得在楊家坪下車

  27、You’ll get there in about 20 minutes.大約20分鐘您就可以到了

  28、Drop 2 yuan in the machine.請在機器里投放2元錢

  29、Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it comes to the stop.別擔心,到站時我提醒你

  30、We’ll be at the Daping in a minutes, please be ready to get off the train.大坪就要到了,請你準備下車

  31、The trains leave every 3 minutes.輕軌車每隔3分鐘一趟

  32、Get off at the next stop and take No.22 bus.下站下車,乘22路公交車

  33、Stand back from the door, please.請別站在車門口

  34、Get off first, then get on.先下后上

  35、You can’t get on until the other passengers get off.他們下不了車,你們就上不來

  36、You’ve got on the wrong train.你坐錯車了

  37、You’ll have to get off now. We’re at your destination.你現在該下車了,你到站了

  38、The trains are usually crowded during this time of the day.每天這段時間輕軌都很擠

  39、You have missing your stop.你乘過站了

  40、The next stop is Daping.下一站是大坪站

  41、You’re going the wrong way. You should take other train line.你乘錯了,你應該乘另一條線的輕軌車

  42、You can transfer at Linjiangmen.你可以在臨江門站倒車

  43、I’m not sure, but I’ll try my best.我沒把握,但我將盡力而為

  44、Please don’t leave anything behind.請別遺忘你的東西

  45、Thank you for taking our train. Have a nice day.謝謝你乘坐我們的車,祝你愉快

  46、I hope you’ll have a pleasant trip祝你旅途愉快

  47、Just a minutes, please. I’ll get some change.請稍等,我去把錢換開

  48、I’m sorry for something wrong with our train. We’ll try our best to resume.很抱歉,車出點小毛病,我們會盡快修復

  49、Excuse me, madam. Can I help you with your baby. 女士,我幫你抱孩子好嗎?

  50、Allow me to introduce myself to you.請允許我作自我介紹

  51、I’m really sorry for the delay.耽擱你的時間了,很抱歉

  52、We will do our best to respond immediately.我們會盡力提供幫助

  53、We will have a thorough check.我們將做徹底的檢查

  54、What’s the problem? I see. We’ll send a maintenance man come over to repair it at once.有什么問題?我明白了,我將派有關人員前去

  55、I’m sorry to have caused you so much trouble. We will settle this matter right away.對不起,給你添麻煩了,我們馬上解決這件事

  56、I’ll make a note of your complaint and everything will be taken care of.我把你的投訴記錄下來,一切會得到圓滿解決

  57、Please write down you’re your concerns and we’ll investigate and you know the result.請把你的情況寫下,我們回進行調查并將結果通知你。

  58、We are very sorry that this happened. This is the first time and it will be the last time. I promise that nothing like this will happen again.發生這樣的事,我們深感不安。這雖然是第一次,但也是最后一次,我們保證不會再發生此類事情。

  59、It’s our fault. Please forgive us.這是我們的錯,請原諒。

  60、It’s our mistake. We are very sorry to have inconvenienced我們搞錯了,真對不起,給你添麻煩了。

  61、We have made every effort to improve the situation.我們已盡一切努力改善這種狀況

  62、Do you feel that we have handled this situation fairly? If not, please tell us your concerns.你認為我們這樣解決好嗎?如果有不同意見,請把你的想法告訴我們。

  63、How many people are there in your party?你們一行多少人?

  64、I’ll arrange it for you.我給你安排

  65、This way, please.請這邊走

  66、Follow me, please.請跟我來

  67、Come with me, please.和我一塊走吧

  68、Mind your head, please.小心別碰頭


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